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Getting my Name out!


Advanced Member
Mar 21, 2006
Hey all! I was just wondering if you had any ideas on getting my name out to my neighbors and some other neighborhoods, stating that I am a PC Consultant? I have the mini catalogs that I plan on using but dont really know about what else to do with it? I heard you cant put things in mail boxes without postage so I'm at a loss .. Any ideas? I really want to book some catalog shows for the summer (I am due with my first baby on Tuesday) and then some cooking shows later on. And I DESPERATELY need help!!!

Thanks in advance! Oh and I have the neighborhood flyer but didnt know how that would work for the neighborhood I dont live in! LOL


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Feb 20, 2006
Hello!! And Congratulations!!!

When I first got started 8 months ago, I place a flyer at different stores in my area, bread store, oil change business, very small furniture store, I kept changing the flyer for the months special and I got a few shows and the bookings from two. Which was great because that helped me to get outside my family quick.

I also bought door hangers off of Nancy’s Artwork. Went around the neighborhood to let the neighbors now about my Open House. They have stopped selling them but Nancy may have some left, just call her and ask. I have always been very satisfied with everything that I have received from her. For example: I called them of a Friday afternoon and told them that I needed some of their bags very quickly because my very large fundraiser ($4,482.50) and need those bags. I received them on Tuesday. She also always sends free stuff – at least with the consultants in my area.


You could also get some of the New Consultant cards from Merril.


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Oct 6, 2005
how about knocking on doors and introducing yourself? I did that and got a show out of it.


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Apr 12, 2006
Could you schedule your own show? Do an open house and invite your neighbors to see the new products. Tell them to bring a friend or family member. You can then make the show a Mystery Host and anyone who buys $30 or more of product will get their name in the drawing for Mystery Host.

I did this for my first show and had 8 people attend and my neighbor was really excited about winning the Mystery Host. Her daughter is getting married and they got lots of free stuff for her. I got 1 booking and will do my neighbors wedding shower and registry.

Good luck!


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Jan 13, 2006
I just went onto our local county government website and pulled up the "tax assesor's" area. The files are public to everyone, and if you put in your neighborhood streets, it will tell you the street #s and names of the homeowners.

Because I don't want to get a nice hefty $100 fine (or more) because of sticking them in the mailboxes, and to look more professional, I sent out over 40 postcards today (we live in a small subdivision) that said "You have a PC Consultant Right in Your Own Neighborhood!" and my info. We'll see....I'll let you all know how it works and if it was worth the $10 in postage!

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
There's a fantastic flyer on this website. Go above to "files", then in the search box type in "neighborhood". Good luck!