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Generation II cookware


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Jan 16, 2005
Not sure where to post this...
I had a lady at my show last night brought her 10inch skillet from the Gen II set that she purchased like 10 years ago, knows that there is only 2 year warr, and she wants to buy another one. It is not listed in the catalog seperate only with the set, i tried to sell her the prof, and even told her about the exec coming in feb. She wants her pans to match and was very clear on that. I do not see anything on the replacement list about a 10 inch pan does anyone have any suggestions. She will pay for a new one if she has too she said, but wants it to match her set.

HELP.... :(


Aug 7, 2005
Family Skillet

Why don't you suggest the 12 inch Generation II family skillet? It should match her pans and their is a lid available if she wants one.

Hope this helps,


Dec 16, 2005
I had a customer who wanted to purchase a second saucepan for her professional set. I emailed customer service, and they aske which pan, and got me a price and so on. I don't think it's something that they want to advertise that they do because then they can sell more sets, but it may be a possibility if you contact CS.

If you're going to encourage her to get a 12" skillet, I'd recommend telling her that if she spends a little more for the Professional or Executive, she'll have a lifetime guarantee, and she'll never have to replace it. Just a thought...