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Pampered Chef: Garlic Press

  1. HJPChef

    HJPChef Novice Member

    I just got my kit in October and I've noticed since then my garlic press has the paint or coating scraped off on the inside. Has that happened to anyone else? I've only had 3 shows and I don't use it everyday. Should I send it back and request a new one?


    Feb 1, 2006
  2. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    That's happened to mine but it's mostly because when I'm in a hurry during shows, I use my knife to dig out the garlic skin. I know, my bad, but it still works just fine.
  3. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    Mine is the same way. It doesn't hurt it though.
    Feb 1, 2006
  4. gojuliego

    gojuliego Novice Member

    A customer made me notice that too. I sent it back, got a new one.

    From then on, I take very good care of it. Treat it like china. I wrap it in a rolled towel to take to shows. When it is dirty, I either hand wash or leave out of sink and put straight in dishwasher.

    I did call H.O. and they said it is the best one on the market and they need care and not to throw in sink. They also said the manufacturer says the chips if swallowed will not hurt anybody. Wouldn't pass that info to anyone.
    Feb 6, 2006
  5. Chef Laurie

    Chef Laurie Member

    I've had the same problem. I can blame myself for not being as careful with it as I should. A couple times I've forgotten to take the garlic peel out right away, and once it dries out, that causes the paint to chip.
    Feb 7, 2006
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