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Garlic press and Lemon Zestor


Aug 9, 2005
I tried the garlic press for the first time on Firday and don't think I did it right - i think I left too much paper or had the paper feeding the wrong way.
I tried again yesterday and my mom was over and practically peeled all of the garlic skin off - buit I read to keep it on.
Ald the lemon zestor... I'm surprised we got any zest at all.
I just can't get the hang of these two!
The house is sure going to smell funky and I sit and practice pressing and zesting!!
Any suggestions??



Apr 22, 2005
I sometimes have a problem with the zester also. I think it works best if the lemon is at room temperature. If the lemon is real cold, it is hard to to zest. As for the garlic, you keep the skin on it. It doesn't matter what way you put it in there. If you put it in and squeeze, it should work. Good Luck!!!


Mar 26, 2005

I used to have trouble with it, and I found that if you press too hard, it doesn't work well, its more like a glide from top to bottom.. This tip may not help you much written, because its hard to visualize what I am saying...

Maybe the garlic was really big? The press is really easy, the only problem I have is if it is those purple-skinned garlic cloves that are really large.


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Nov 24, 2004
I've had garlic with more skin that meat. I usually take some of the skin off if it's loaded. I don't skin it completely, or even close. That's the beauty and purpose of our press, not having to do that.

I love the zester, it's the scorer that took me probably 6 months to finally...and accidently...figure out how to use it! Now I like demoing it.


May 25, 2005
2 of my favorite tools!

With the garlic press you have to squeeze really hard, just like any other garlic press. But no need to peel. It is fabulous!

With the zester you hold the fruit in your left hand. Rest the top of the zester near the top of the fruit then gently push the zester blade into the skin, and pull down a little ways with even pressure. You don't want to push it in too deep or not deep enough. the top edge of the little circles should be under the colored part of the skin. You only want to get the colored part of the skin. The white part is the pith and tastes bad. You are just basically scraping the colored part off. This is the very best zester I've ever used. I love it!

It is hard to explain in writting if you are having trouble picturing our advice bring the tools to your next cluster meeting and ask your director to demonstrate. For me it was the can opener. Unless you see it, it just doesn't make sense.


this may sound weird...

At my last couple of shows, there were guests who already had garlic presses but they never read the directions, or just misunderstood them. They didn't remove the cleaning tool from the garlic press before they used it. I was glad they attended a show to see how it's done. Sometimes it something very simple that can make all the difference.

:) Karen


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Oct 11, 2005
If I use a really large clove of garlic, I can't press it. I'm a weakling. So, if you're doing a show stick to the smaller cloves. When I'm at home, I'll just cut the large cloves in half or have my husband press it.
Jul 28, 2005
cleaning attachment

Does the cleaning piece attach to the garlic press when you are not using it? I keep thinking for some reason that it is suppose attach to the press, but mine doesn't stay on...am I just nuts or did I read this somewhere???


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Jun 20, 2005
Press cleaning tool

The Cleaning tool does go on the press during storage. The little handle goes over the holes and the actual brush like part clips under the hinge. The tool on my press is always lost in the drawer, but it does go on there if you want it to.
Jul 28, 2005
Hey!!! I got it!!!!


I GOT IT! I had to play with it a bit and it kind of accidentally fell into place! :D Go figure! I kept trying for the longest time to figure out how in the world the little devil fit on the press--I heard that people clipped it on there to store, but I had no idea how. I just thought I had a bad one or that I was absolutely clueless--thanks for the "how to"!!:eek:


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Nov 24, 2004
Using Smooth Edge Can Opener

Cookie said:
It is hard to explain in writting if you are having trouble picturing our advice bring the tools to your next cluster meeting and ask your director to demonstrate. For me it was the can opener. Unless you see it, it just doesn't make sense.
Solution (and line to use at 'some' shows) to remember how to use the can opener when your guests return home:
"Okay ladies, now this is the adult's only portion of our show. When you get your new can opener and cannot remember how to use it, remember this...
(holding opener by the legs) Spread her legs....bump her up against the can...squeeze legs together gently...rotate, a little more rotation....just till you feel that pressure release...oh, yeah I felt it...then lift off" (as you lift off the lid)
Learned from Leadership last year. I actually had a customer from one show, come to another show and remembered my lines verbatim as SHE shared with the guests how to use. I tried to recruit her!