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Pampered Chef: Garlic/Onion scent stuck in plastic! any suggestions?

  1. slapsappyhappy

    slapsappyhappy Novice Member Silver Member


    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get that scent out of the products! I put them through the dishwasher but usually it takes 2 cycles and there is still a faint smell. The biggest problem I have is with:

    Onions in the food chopper- the scent lingers!!! even with handwashing and then running through the dishwasher. I tried soaking too... it is awesome for chopping onions but I like chopping chocolate in it too and do not want the chocolate to smell like onions.

    Garlic in the garlic peeler/slicer- :rolleyes: obviously, I know that it is meant for garlic, but I do not want my whole untensil drawer to smell like garlic. It is not good if I am making a cake and the things in the drawer all smell like garlic, lol!

    I have a fairly new dishwasher, and I tried soaking these items with soap and then running them through. If you have any suggestions please let me know!!! :eek:
  2. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    hmm... I have never noticed a problem.

    Have you tried Baking soda? It is non abrasive and absorbs odors.
    May 17, 2009

    CLEGER Novice Member Gold Member

    Maybe try soaking in Lemon Juice. That will bring a fresh scent to it.
    Lemon Juice also removes any stains or discoloring. Hope this helps!
    May 17, 2009
  4. janetupnorth

    janetupnorth Legend Member Gold Member

    I'd soak in vinegar for awhile...the wash with hot water.
    May 17, 2009
  5. pclinskie

    pclinskie Member Silver Member

    the only thing that has worked for the food chopper onions is wash it immediately after using.
    May 17, 2009
  6. shelly.nurse

    shelly.nurse Member

    I agree about washing the food chopper immediately, it really helps get the food off of the blades, and safer, too. You are not trying to scrub the blades, which for me, would surely make me cut myself.

    As far as the slicer, how about designating different drawers in your kitchen for things that you primarily use for savory cooking and things primarily used for sweet cooking? I know tupperware used to tell their customers to leave their items in a window sill, and the sun naturally took away the smell or stuff newspaper inside the bowls for a few days to absorb the smell.
    May 29, 2009
  7. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    If i notice that one of my pieces still has an onion or garlic odor after a couple of washes, I leave it out and open for a couple of days. It's always done the trick for me.
    May 30, 2009
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