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Games for shows???

Apr 1, 2006
Are there any games that any of you can suggest for my open house on Monday? I've invited friends/family/neighbors and would like some cute little game. I'm going to try the "book to look" and possibly the "$2 Pool"... is there anything else I should do? (besides the door prize)

Thanks ahead!


Mar 27, 2005
This is a game I've been using at my last couple of shows. It's a recruiting games but everyone loves it and it gives you an idea of who might be even a little interested in the opportunity. Actually this is the game my recruiter used when she got me to sign!

You use two suits from a deck of cards. I usually hand out the hearts. You hand out one card for each question asked about your JOB! Not the products but only your job. I tell them no question of off limits-(Pause)--as long as it's about my job. (people usually laugh at that). Once all of the cards are gone you use the other suit to pull cards from. The person who has the first card gets the prize. I like to use two prizes because it makes the game more fun!! So then the second card gets the second prize. From there each card you pull the person who has that card can "Steal" the prize they want! Everyone gets a kick out of it.

When you close your show make sure to ask especially the people who asked your a lot of questions if they are interested in taking some information on the opportunity. Remind them that taking information does not mean they are signing!

At my last show I got two recruit leads from this game. One was the host and her friend was also interested....which I would have never known because she didn't place an order so I wouldn't of had the chance to ask her if she was interested. ( I try to ask everyone if they are interested in the opportunity, if they want to book, or have a catalog show) Now that person might be the hosts first recruit!!!


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Jul 23, 2005
there was a huge file on games here a few months ago that I found very useful. it had the purse game, left/right game, some animal game that was like a catalog hunt, there were tons in it. dont remember what it was called but maybe you can do a search for that one as well. i will try and find it for ya too!!


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May 24, 2005

OMGosh.... I saw this (card/recruiting) game at a jewlery show the other night and I loved it!!! I am going to start doing it at my next show!!!
The Jewlry Cons. Also did the left right game right away and it really did wake everyone up. It was fun. I had heard of this game but never done it. I will be incorproating it as well.