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Fyler or letter


Gold Member
Jun 19, 2005
i'm new and everyone that knows me knows I'm not a cook ..Does anyone have something about if i can do this


Novice Member
Mar 16, 2005
You can do this

My director doesn't cook at all- She didn't even really want to do the business she just wanted the free stuff. Well here she is 3 years later and a director! You don't have to be a cook. In fact it kinda sells better if your not. It shows people that you don't have to be great in the kitchen to be able to prepare these great recipes for their families. Just market yourself that way!


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I hate to cook...love to make desserts, but hate the day to day stuff. That is the GREAT thing about PC...the recipes are fool proof...yes FOOL cause I am a fool in the kitchen!

Pick 2 recipes to practice with at home (remember to keep the receipts...that is a tax deduction if you are practicing). At first, only do these 2 recipes for shows. That way you are not trying to figure out new recipes all the time and you are more comfortable cooking.

I'd pick a recipe on the stoneware. Maybe the taco ring...easy...great presentation...shows lots of products.


Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004
The recipes that PC puts out are tested over and over again in our test kitchens, so they are pretty much fail-safe! I agree to start with some of the stoneware recipes, like our rings, since they are really what everyone thinks of when they hear the name Pampered Chef. Try doing one several times until you get comfortable and then start branching out into something that you're interested in. And remember, if you make a mistake, just say "I'm a Pampered Chef, not a perfect Chef!" :D

Good luck to you! Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have - we're here to help!