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Future pc consultant with ????


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Sep 7, 2005
Hi, I am looking to sign up within the next 4-6 months (due to a very needy infant who will be weaned before I start up) and have been here before with some questions. As I am learnig more and more about this company (and loving it) I had a few more questions for you helpful consultants out there.

1. The $15 Hospitality bonus confuses me. It's included as part of the free product gift value as a thank you for hosting the show (and providing ingredients?) but dont' they only recieve free product if it's a min. $150 order amount? So say those who do a $100 show dont' get the hospitality bonus is that correct? And are out the $15 from buying the indgredients? Just want to understand this if any future host asked?

2.When you all first started did you just watch the "first show" video and practice or did you go to a few different shows to observe different consultants add their own touches to their presentation? Do you all follow the same format step by step as the video or do you do it alot differently?
I have never attended a single PC show so I don't know what is done. Just wondering how it's basically presented?

3. For my first show I was thinking about doing a "grand opening" from my home and thought about doing the mystery host drawing, raffle drawings, games and demos while inviting every person I know. Does anyone have any other suggestions to make it as successful as I can?

Thanks in advance for any responses!
Heather I :eek:


Open house

You definitely want to do an open house - especially if you've got lots of supportive people. If it ends up being enough $$, you can split it into one or two or even more (wishful thinknig) shows. Then you could either keep the host benefits for yourself or give them away to someone else (mystery host). Just a thought. :)


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Jan 21, 2005
First: Congratulations on your choice of a great company to work with! I would talk with your recruiter about brainstorming on how you can start sooner than later. You could do express shows with family & friends, host your own, do catalog shows...

To answer your questions:

1. The minimum show is $150. If the final guest sales is less than that the orders need to be sent in as individual orders or added to another show. Most hosts do work at getting the sales higher so it's usually not a problem. The $15 is for opening their home and INVITING people to come to the show so that we can tell them about the products and give them a sampling of a PC recipe and the consultant should be reminding the host that we need to get above the $150 in guest sales. We all say let's work for a $1000 or a $500 or at least a $300 show but forget sometimes to say it must be at least $150 in GUEST sales for the host to get ANY benefits. Like I said - it's usually NOT a problem.

2. I had several parties but hadn't been to one in several years when I decided to be a consultant. Just watch the video, go to one of your recruiter's shows, make your OWN outline, practice with your family. Be comfortable with how you say things - the words have to be YOURS. TELL your guests that you're new and you're practicing with them. Most important: Have fun! Tell them what THEY'LL get! Be yourself! - And know it does get easier. :D

3. The "grand opening" is a great idea! I would suggest though that you have most of the recipes done before the show starts and just finish one in front of them. Don't put too much pressure on yourself!

I wish you the best!!


Hi Heather,

People have already given you great advice here. I just wanted to let you know that when I started PC, I was still nursing my son. As a matter of fact, it's been 6 months and I still am! Also, my director has nursed 3 kids throughout her career, another director in our area is nursing... you get the idea. When I first started, my husband and son would come with me for shows so we could get one last feeding in after I set up and before the demo. Also, I could nurse when I was done while my husband would pack up for me. During my demo, they would hang out in the yard or find a nearby park. After a few months, my son was no longer as interested in nursing, so now they stay home while I go to shows.

Just one idea for a way you might be able to get started sooner! You seem so excited to begin!