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Future host letter

Jan 28, 2006
I have a host that booked far in advance, which is fine with me. My question is, should I send that host a reminder postcard every few weeks, until I send the packet to her? Does anyone have a sample? I am in my 4th month, so this stuff is all new to me. My director is really busy and never seems to have time to talk, which is why I have paid for a subscription here. I get some great answers and tips.


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Oct 6, 2005
When someone books far out, I tell them that they will not hear from my, but I have the date on the calendar. When it's time to start making plans, I will get in contact with them. If they need anything before then, they can call me.

I've never had a problem doing things that way.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
I have a letter that I send out for far out bookings. When I get to the computer upstairs (where the document is saved) I will post it on here.