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Future Director


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Jan 16, 2005
I just signed #2... WOOOHOOOO

Ok... I have not had a recruit since my first year... and this is my goal this year to become director.... My baby is 1 now (2 weeks) so i can hit PC harder now...

My recruit is young... 20 married and has a 1 year old. I need some tips on coaching her to get her to qualify by march 31.

Any advise please


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Nov 3, 2005
Congradulations on making a future. I love the pic!
My only advice is to keep in contact, and to never sound iritated when they call or email a lot. This is what I have found helps me! :D


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Sep 13, 2005
I hope...

you had her book her shows before she signed up. This is what I have found to help my qualification rate! Also, get her to book 4 catalog shows NOW!! DON'T WAIT! Give her the catalogs to make packets to get these catalog shows going now.

Also, have her overbook her first month! And once she gets those 4-6 kitchen shows booked, don't let her stop! This is one of the biggest mistakes new consultants can make! Remember that the work we do today will show in our paychecks 60-90 days from now!

As pamperd said above...keep in contact with her. You will want to touch base with her every few days during her first week or two. Then you will want to set a regular weekly call through her SS period. I like the 12 call system the HO has developed!

I am using this on my 6 new team members that have SS month 1 in March! WOW, training 6 at once! That should be a challenge!

:D Congratulations on your promotion! :D

Quick question, is your Director helping you with her training? This is a great resource if it is available! I train my team member's first 2 consultants with them watching, they then train #3 with me watching...and after that it is up to their level of comfort on if they still want my help! Just an idea!


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Jan 21, 2005
Work WITH your director on helping your consultants succeed. That will give you training for your next promotion while giving them the benefit of the director's exerience.

Feb 16, 2005
Sounds like me

I was married at 19, baby at 20, another one at 21. I remember my sister telling me about PC, telling me that I'd love and be great at it, so I contacted head office & someone sent me a catalogue - life got busy, (we had a horrible car accident) & noone tried to contact me so I didn't think any more about it. What could have happened if that person who got my name actually called me seven years ago & answered my very few questions?

Just be a great coach, keep in touch & make sure she knows she can ask you anything! Especially help her host coach & get her first 10 shows together so she feels comfortable. (a hint for those looking to get the first couple of shows together: 4 cooking shows, 3 catalogue shows and 3 fundraisers are my advice for my potential recruits - they can usually find a few friends or family to host, but some people find it easier to say yes to hosting a show when they are raising money for a good cause hence the fundraisers & catalogue shows for the out of province/state family and friends. Suddenly they have 10 shows under their belt before their SS2 is half over, great 1st commission check, a huge customer base and happy hostesses) Everyone can succeed in this business - age, sex, education, marital status, parent/no kids doesn't really make a difference. It is an honest and straightforward opportunity that is available to everyone willing to do a little hard work and expand their comfort zones.



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Oct 7, 2005
View from the other side...

cookinthehouse said:
I just signed #2... WOOOHOOOO

Ok... I have not had a recruit since my first year... and this is my goal this year to become director.... My baby is 1 now (2 weeks) so i can hit PC harder now...

My recruit is young... 20 married and has a 1 year old. I need some tips on coaching her to get her to qualify by march 31.

Any advise please

Here's a bit of advice from a different angle--a recruit that didn't feel she got the right training in the beginning.. Offer to help her in whatever way you can. Assuming this is a totally new thing for her, go the extra mile to make her feel that she's made the right decision in joining. I know that in the first month, I didn't get trained the way I wanted to from my recruiter, and within a month, I was doubting whether I should have joined (and this job is PERFECT for me). Help her to brainstorm her List of 100. Give her show packs so that she can have catalog shows going before she even gets her kit. Definately meet with her in person at least once to go over things with her (maybe have her over for coffee and let the little ones play!). Have her shadow you at a show (and if your cluster is close by, try to set up shadowing one or two others as well). Help her set up a grand-opening show (or 2) and be there with her in case she needs help or support. Definately train her on host coaching (my recruiter NEVER did that) like others are talking about.

An idea for getting her to qualify, and help making her feel comfortable in starting.... have a MEGASHOW. If she has 4 people that want to host, have a huge megashow, combining all the shows into one place at one time (maybe at a local church or school). Each host gets their respective guests' orders towards their host benefits. But she only has to do one show date, and you could be there to help, so she might feel more comfortable. None of the hosts have to clean their house (bonus for them), she can make 2 of the recipes ahead of time (easiest to double a recipe), while making the demo quick and simple (double recipe of cool gazpacho dip or something). Plus, she'll have slammed through 4 shows in one day! (If you want more info on this, let me know.. I'll email or post it.)

And above all, most importantly, ask her what she wants out of PC and help her figure out how to get that--realistically. Challenge is good, but if you don't help her to put a plan in action to reach her goals, she'll only find frustration and discouragement with being overwhelmed and unprepared. Let her know how much time she'll realistically have to put into her job in order to be a full- and part-time consultant. Include time for customer care calls, hosting calls, prepping show packs, any mailings she'll have to do, etc. (When I was trained, my recruiter didn't tell me any of this.. so I didn't know it was that involved.. and I got overwhelmed when I found out.) Ask her how much she wants to make per month... $200? $600? and basing the show average on the nat'l company avg ($450 i believe), calculate how many shows she'll need per month.. see if that's realistic for her. But flat out ask her "What do you want from PC? Why did you join?" and go from there. Without goals, we don't have anywhere to go, and no satisfaction of meeting them.

Like I said, this isn't from someone who's had to train recruits, but from someone who didn't feel trained adequately, and who would do all of these things (above) when finally training my own recruits.
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