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Fundraisers during May


Gold Member
Feb 11, 2008
Do ALL fundraisers HAVE to be HWC fundraisers if they are held in May? Meaning, I was going to try to book some fundraisers for May selling JUST the HWC products. But this would be a fundraiser for MY Breast Cancer 3-day walk and two other past customers I know of that are also walking the Breast Cancer 3 day. SO, I know you can host fundraisers where the money goes to the Cancer Society in May. But can you also host some where the host gets a check from PC. I also plan to donate MY check to their walk. But I want to know how much to tell them they will get.



Novice Member
Feb 9, 2009
How does the fundraiser program work? Could someone host a fundraiser show for someone that has cancer and donate the check to them?


Legend Member
Gold Member
Nov 4, 2005
You can do a fundraiser for any non-individual. If you want to raise money for someone to pay their medical bills, then they need to have an account like "Betty Host Fund." HO will not make the check out to an individual.