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Fundraiser Questions

Jul 18, 2005
I am helping to plan my 10 year class reunion. They are needing fundraisers, and I mentioned PC. I have a few questions.

Would this be a legitimate organization?

Does the organization get the $3 per booking after the booked show is held, or do they get it with the rest of the money?

What is the best way to have it shipped. Some of the other people helping with the reunion live a couple of hours away from me. Would it be best for me to have all the orders shipped to me and I get them ready and meet up with the other members planning the reunion?

What are some suggested incentives? Such as free product for selling a certain amount of product.

Would the sales of the fundraiser count for the December Sell-A-Thon, if submitted in December?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Apr 5, 2005
Hmmm - if the organization has it's own bank account, it should be a legitimate org. for fundraising. They get the $3.00 per show booking immediately, not when the show is held. Any commissionable sales submitted in december count for the sell-a-thon. And I would just include the direct-shipping price right in there with the order. Don't offer anything else. They won't question it! Good luck!


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
a little competition goes a long way..

Maybe you could use a little high school competition to your advantage! Did your high school class have a few strong groups? (ie: football/cheerleaders, swimmers, math team, etc.) Maybe you could bring back the competition! Make it a contest between the groups each month to see which can get the most sales.. and the group that wins, gets something (that can be picked up at the reunion)! (Quikcut knife or a season's best or something) Make it something different each month through the year so that if the football group wins twice they're not getting two of the same thing! And then, an overall group winner. Do the catalog thing, and tell the members of each group that to get the highest in sales, they should sell to EVERYONE they know, no matter where they're located.

or you could do it guys vs girls! that'd probably be easier, and would be more fun b/c there is naturally a competitive air between the two..

just an idea..