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Fundraiser logistics



I have an opportunity to do a fundraiser for a friend's organization. She is hosting an event which will take place at a retirement home. I would have an opportunity to set up a table and sell Pampered Chef items there.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I just have everyone's orders shipped to them directly? I know it means the shipping charges are higher, but since these will be strangers to the hostess, it doesn't make sense for her to worry about processing all the orders.

2. Have any of you done something like this in the past? How did it work?

3. I know I am going to do doorprize slips and give away a gift... but I am also going to donate an item for a raffle so that my host can sell some raffle tickets.

4. What kind of display have you all done?

I would really appreciate any insight you might have!




Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Here are some tips!

Hello Rachel
I have a few tips for you. I have done fundraisers but not in this type of setting. It sounds like a good way to sell PC.

Ok for your first question about shipping directly. You always want to keep costs down so that everyone will purchase as much as possible. I know that seperating and getting packages to people is work but it's worth it to keep costs down. I once did a fundraiser for a ministry and told everyone that I would be at the same place we set up at the church on a certain day. I figured with shipping and packaging everyone's stuff, plus reciepts and a day that would work best for me two weeks after we closed the show the date was set. Everyone came by to pick up stuff from noon - 2 pm. I thanked everyone a second time, handed out business cards, and got to know some of the people who later booked shows for me and continue to be faithful customers.
Third comment - A prize is nice and gives you plenty of contacts for the future when they fill out the slip.
Fourth comment - A good display that worked for me is a tri-fold posterboard like the kind kids use for science fair displays, decorated nicely with info on our products. Guarantees, dishwasher safe, gift ideas $20, $30, or $50 and then mention the guest special, have recipes set up to give out, plus flyers on hosting a show and letting everyone know that hosting a show gives the fundraising total $3 more for each booking. Have products set out so everyone can see and give out some sample foods if you can, plus some drinks from the Quick stir pitchers. Tell the fundraiser coordinater that for $15 you can bring PC recipes already made and set out for the people to enjoy as they place their orders (I have always had the person in charge give me money for this).
Have a box set up for the prize slips and have the raffled item displayed nicely for everyone to see. Be creative and have fun!!


Jan 8, 2006
I am thankful I found this thread! This will help me out big time. Thanks! :D


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Jan 27, 2005
My very first fundraiser - a success!

So, I have decided that I really want the incentive trip this year. So I am trying to step out of my comfort zone.
I decided (pretty spur of the moment) to ask the teachers at my son's preschool if they would be interested in a fundraiser for the school. I made up a poster and gave the school a stack of catalogues and order forms (there are about 70 families) and included a sheet that had a little blurb about how to contact me, what the school would get etc.
It was thrown together in about 2 days (I wanted to do it in February, so I'd get double points) and I gave them until Monday, the 27th to submit orders.
I thought that if I even got $500, that would be great for something thrown together on the fly.
I submitted that show yesterday - a total of $1185! I was pleasantly suprised and the school was impressed with how much money they'd get (I decided to throw in some of my commission)
We're talking about making this a yearly event. :D
So, once again, don't have any pre-conceived notions - you never know what will happen!