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Fundraiser FB Party Posts & an Apology


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Dec 6, 2005
First, I am so sorry. LOOOOOONNNNNNNG ago I told someone on some post that I'd share what I use for mentioning fundraisers on a FB show. I completely forgot about it. I was just setting up a PC event on FB and remembered. However, for the life of me I can't remember which thread it was on or who had asked. Please forgive me. I'm old and forgetful.

So, here's what I post to talk about FB. You'll want to adjust it for yow you do things.

Did you know that The Pampered Chef has an amazing fundraising program? Our quality cooking tools make mealtime preparation easy and quick. Pampered Chef fundraisers are perfect because everyone has a kitchen, PLUS we use our full catalog with over 400 products to choose from (and no price increases when purchased through fundraisers). We can raise money for any organization such as women’s clubs, church groups, fraternal organizations, children’s sports team, schools, animal rights groups, Relay for Life, Autism Speaks, dance groups, etc.

In lieu of Pampered Chef’s host rewards, the organization will receive a percentage of the sales via a check from the Pampered Chef, and I will donate a portion of my commission as well. To make it even easier to fundraise with me, I will have the shipment sent to my home and will sort and bag it for the organization (assuming, of course, that you are near [Host] or me. The fundraiser chairperson is eligible for Pampered Chef’s monthly host bonus as a thank you for being the contact person.
I've also attached the graphic I use.



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    Fundraiser Opportunities.jpg
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Mar 9, 2016
Thank you, I'm a seasoned consultant, working more with FB events, and I'm thrilled to help someone fundraise. I have fundraised multiple times myself, am a marketing wannabe, and want to help people with their causes. You have been a life saver. I have 4 in the wing, waiting for me to get my ducks in a row.


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Sep 5, 2007
Thank you Rae. This is awesome. I just tweaked your image.


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Jul 14, 2007
Good Morning,

Does anybody have a word or publisher version of a Fundraiser Flyer that I may adapt for an upcoming fundraiser that I was asked to help out with. Much Thanks.
Dec 2, 2016
Thank you this is great. Has anyone approached realtor and talk to them about Pampered Chef being part of their closing gifts if so how has this work for you