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Fundraiser / Facebook question


Gold Member
Jan 15, 2011
I am doing a fundraiser for the U of A Wesley Foundation as they are in the process of raising money for a new building and have recently moved into a temporary space that has a kitchen (their old building not only didn't have a kitchen, it had an outhouse instead of bathrooms! :yuck:). I am doing this kind of like a shower where they have created a wishlist of things they would like to have so that guests can purchase those for the house as well as purchase for themselves. The foundation will then get 15-20% of sales (I choose to donate a portion of my profit to them as a thank you).

I've not done a Facebook show but thought this might be a good way to do this as there are alums of this group all over the US. The foundation does have a Facebook page and we are going to put the wishlist there but I wondered if anyone could give me some help on how best to do this show. I've looked at the website training but it just says to do it as a catalog show. We are running the show from now thru Nov. 29 and have a couple of very motivated people publicizing it for them so I expect it to be successful if I can just figure out the best way to do it! Thanks,