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Fundraiser/Booth input needed


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May 10, 2009
I have offered to do a fundraiser for a local organization that runs our county fair (its volunteer run). They are doing a community wide yard sale/craft show/flea market weekend at the fair grounds. Instead of having my own yard sale i offered to do a fundraiser for them to help with their building repairs project (which is why they are having this yard sale/flea mkt).

I have secured an indoor spot that is 20x20. #1 I have never done a fundraiser yet #2 I have never done a booth. I have read for hours the amount of posts here on CS about booths and seen the great displays.

In my mind I am working on sales (fundraiser) and personally I need bookings as I'm in a bookings slump. I would think I need to have a lot of product on site for them to 'shop' (order via catalog, not cash n carry). A table with the new consultant kit for recruiting, a table or the other half of that table with bridal registry on it for those late summer/fall wedding goers.

The fair has a facebook page so I thought i'd have them blast out about the fundraiser and even try to get each of the 'vendors' (those having a yard sale) do a mystery host type deal and hope to get 100.00 in orders from at least 10-20 people. I dont have a final count on participants yet.

I'm babbling, I know. Sorry! Any ideas of where you would go with this? What you wouldn't do? What you would do? Tips? Ideas? Display ideas? I'm feeling selfish due to needing bookings so I was going to do it by myself but its all day for an entire weekend. I'm nuts right? Should I ask others on my team to help? (for those on my team that my read this, sorry!)

Please babble back :) I'm so confused in my head that I'm looking for any babble you can provide. Thanks so much! :confused: