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Fueled by Coffee and Jesus

Oct 5, 2018
I LOVE coffee!!!!! Love it! Love it!!!!!! I am pretty much a "no coffee, no talkie" kinda girl......
I also love my friends and family (some not as much as coffee ) *wink*
I Love Jesus and am very involved with my church....
I have loved Pampered Chef from the very first day I encountered it, even sold it a million years ago and still have and use my original vegetable peeler!!!!
I am excited to be involved again with Pampered Chef as a whole world of Virtual Parties opens a new set of doors... I may still do home parties... Who doesn't love good food and gatherings with friends and families???? The reality is though, in this fast paced world that we live in now, something like a virtual party, where you can look at your leisure and still have a good time, learn new recipes and some quick tips to make your daily living a little less stressful has to sound fantastic!!!! Thanks for checking out my little footprint....
Oh! And....... did I mention that I love Coffee????