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Pampered Chef: Fs: Two PC Relics!

  1. Candi_f

    Candi_f Member Gold Member

    I have two oldies but goodies for sale. Both are a little used but still in good condition.

    The first is a two-handled blue zippered tote bag that has a yellow logo that has on it 15 years National Conf. 1995 "Making Dreams Come True". Asking $10.

    The other is a 6"x9" folder that has the PC hen logo on it. Inside is a small clear section to put in your biz card and a larger pocket for other items. Also there is notepad w/ the hen logo on it too. Asking $5.

    Or...you can have both for $12!!

    These are collector's items...but are still useful if you want to use them for your business.

    I prefer non-cc PayPal or RME, but can also accept cc PayPal w/fees or USPS money order.

    You can contact me off-group at [email protected]

    Thanks! :D

    Mar 12, 2009
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