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Fs: LOTS! Clearing out...


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Dec 28, 2006
Would prefer to sell all of the following as a big giant lot...so I'm offering a take all special for $45 (includes shipping!)

"Ask About the Pampered Chef" pin button
Patriotic Apron (gently used)
Handcrafted Catalog Tote (made from laminated catalog fronts) - fall themed
"Got Pans? Need Dough?" PC Logo Keychain
Collectible "Making Dreams Come True" PC Navy Zippered Tote (gently used)
"Spring" Into Action spring PC Logo Clip - Brand new in wrapper
PC Hen Logo Burgundy Padfolio w/ some paper inside
Beige Chef Hat Messenger Bag from conference (gently used)
Several Seasonal DVDs
25th Anniversary Italian-link PC Charm Bracelet w/ charms (gently used)
Several CDs/CD-ROMs
25th Anniversary Silver-plated Stick Bookmark with dangly charm (new in box)
New and old Spanish catalogs
Kitchen Consultant Agreement forms
Gift Certificate Order Forms
Show Order Forms
PC Logowear bright green size 2 for toddlers (gently used)
Older Host Benefits Flyers
Kitchen Show Tally forms
"Temporarily Sold Out" stickers - full sheet
200 "Bring a Friend Get a Gift" brightly colored stickers - Nancy's Artworks
HWC Breast Cancer exam brochures (full pack)
Homemade Booking Slide - laminated pages secured with metal rings
Nancy's Artworks Pen Flags - red checkered border - full pack
Black/silver squared-face PC Logo Cuff Watch (gently used)

RME or PayPal payments preferred. Thanks! :D
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Dec 28, 2006
The entire lot is pending right now. If something falls through, I will contact the next person. Thanks! :D