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Frustrating Phone Hang up


Feb 18, 2009
What's up with a host that I am assuming wants to cancel her show, but won't call or email me? Her show is scheduled in one week, she never got me her guest list or will return my calls. I've left her a few phone messages in the past ten days with no luck. So last night I called and left her a nice message saying I was concerned for her and her family as I hadn't heard from her and I was hoping they weren't ill. I told her it was ok to reschedule her show if she needs to, but to please call or email me to let me know so I make that night available to others. So this morning I see her number on caller ID, I pick it up on the second ring and say "Hello" then after a moment she hung up on me. Obviously the woman doesn't want to have the show or talk to me, but geesh, why can't people be truthful and upfront? If she calls a next time, I will let the call go to voice mail as I'm sure that's what she wanted today. I'm doing a booth tomorrow and will book her date as an express show if possible.


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Oct 11, 2005
Who knows what gets into some people.


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Feb 6, 2008
I know what you mean. I'm supposed to have a show a week from today. I talked to the host very briefly last week, she said she wasn't feeling well and to call her the next day. I call, leave a message and send an email. No response

I called again today, her husband answered. He asked who was calling, and I heard him say to someone "It's the Pampered Chef lady." He then comes back to me and say he's going to see if he can find her. A bit more shuffling, and he asks if she can call back. She hasn't. So I'm sitting here wondering if I should call her back.


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Jul 7, 2005
Things do happen and people have legitimate reasons they get involved in other things. Always give them the high road. They may not have a show for you, but you save the frustration factor.

"Hi, Sandie! This is Jean, your Pampered Chef gal and I'm looking forward to our show on Thursday. Please call me so we can review the menu and I can be sure to bring the two items you most want me to share."

2 "Hi, Sandie! This is Jean with The Pampered Chef and I haven't heard from you yet. I did have another client ask if they could have a show on Thursday but that yours is scheduled, I slotted her on another date instead. Please call me back by this afternoon at 4 so I can get what we need at the store."

3 "Hi, Sandie! This is Jean and I was surprised to not hear back from you for our Thursday show. I hope you are safe and your family is OK. We are going to have so much fun and you'll love the Mock Lemon Meringe dessert - I'll call to confirm directions."

When she calls to cancel / postpone...

Oh, Sandie, I'm sorry to hear that. You know, we can work together so you are not in the position of "no one is going to come". Since you want to rebook, could you let me take the lead on invitations? I have found that hosts who allow me to send the invites, have shows of $800+! I will gladly give you $20 more in free product for allowing me to do the invitaitons for you. You don't have to pay for postage or take your precious time to call and remind folks - I'll do that gladly. We will have a fun time and I so appreciate your honesty and wilingness to accept my help. We'll do it together! You'll see; this is a simple business and we'll be successful as a team.


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Jan 23, 2006
Well, to be fair she might be having emotional or physical issues like you suggested. I have a show on the 10th that's been booked for months. I just spoke with her on the 4th for the first time. I basically used the same call you did. She called me back saying the postcards and evites went out that day. She apologised for not calling. Apparently, she and her boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, and she had been overwelmed. She sent out 40 invitations and lots more evites...and has 5 outside orders already.


So, I started coaching for bookings and recruiting...

You never know.

On the otherhand I've had many immature hosts do the evading trick, too. I want to scream Grow Up...but I won't.:)

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