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Pampered Chef: Frustrated with PC Customer Service

  1. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Normally, I'd have nothing but great things to say about PC customer service, but today I have to make an exception. I had a host (Kari) who ordered the small striped bowls and caddy as her past host bonus in November. The show closed and shipped to the host December 14. The bowls/caddy were a gift for her sister-in-law in Kentucky (the host is in Wisconsin), and Kari went there for Christmas and was able to hand deliver it.

    Kari realized after her in-law opened the present that there was only 1 striped bowl - PC forgot to send the other, and Kari didn't realize there were supposed to be 2 separate boxes. I called PC to see if they would just ship one striped bowl, which they will, but they won't ship it to Kentucky - they'll only ship it to Wisconsin because that's the state the show was held in!!! What's the difference? They have to send it anyway!! This host is an awesome host so I'm having the bowl delivered to me and then I'll mail it to Kentucky, but I just thought it was ridiculous that PC wouldn't do it, and now I'm out a few more bucks.

    Just had to vent!

    Jan 3, 2006
  2. Suggestion

    What if you just bought one for her on your PC website and had it shipped to her direct?
    Jan 3, 2006
  3. chefmary

    chefmary Member Gold Member


    The show is still within 30 days of closing, so why don't you do an online adjustment? Enter it as a missing item and then usually you're given the option of where you want the missing item to ship. Sometimes you get someone on the other end of the phone who is new and the online adjustment is just quicker and more efficient, IMO!


    Jan 3, 2006
  4. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    I was told when this happened to me that PC will only ship to the Host or the Consultant, so I don't think even doing it online will help. It can only go to either of the addresses on file with the order. Since, when the order was submitted, the item was shipped to the Host with the rest of the order and not as a direct shipment PC didn't receive the SIL's address info. The only addresses that PC gets when the order is submitted is the Host's, Consultant's and anyone that pays for direct shipping.
    Jan 3, 2006
  5. pamperedalf

    pamperedalf Senior Member Silver Member

    I have done a product adjustment online, and had the item shipped to Texas, and I live in California. No one called, and they shipped the item. The actual party was delivered to my house because the host lives a bad part of town. :D
    Jan 3, 2006
  6. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    I know I've done an adjustment online and it does offer a third option of a different party to have it shipped to and has a space to enter their address. I've done this in the past for guests at the party so the adjustment can go directly to them and not the host or me. Try it and see if it'll work.
  7. beepampered

    beepampered Veteran Member


    I did a product adjustment last week and it was sent directly to the guest. I didn't even give her address to the rep - they already had it in the computer. Perhaps it has to go to one of the show guests and they can't enter a "new" address in the computer....BEE
    Jan 4, 2006
  8. dianevill

    dianevill Senior Member Gold Member

    Thanks everyone

    Unfortunately the adjustment was approved on the phone so I couldn't go back and do a web adjustment, but I'm going to remember this if it ever happens again. I've already received the bowl and mailed it to the recipient, so I shall move on :D.

    On a good note I had a host receive the entertaining set and she was unhappy with the platter - one of the stripes had a small dab of paint missing. She gave the whole set back to me, and when I called HO to have it replaced, they said I DIDN'T need to send back the original set (that's right, I didn't need to send back any piece of the whole entertaining set). I called the host and asked if she wanted it or any of the bowls/plates, and she said I could just keep it all. You can't really see the mark at all, esp. when it's set up with the plates and bowls, so now I have an extra set. :D :D :D (The rep on the phone said the computer randomly picks out when a product needs to be returned - it doesn't depend on the price or which product it is).

    I guess it all works out....

    Thanks again, everyone!
    Jan 6, 2006
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