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Frequency of Contact?


Novice Member
Sep 1, 2005
I have several people who have expressed interest in the Pampered Chef opportunity. They don't want to start immediately. How do you maintain contact and preserve their enthusiasm, without overwhelming or badgering them?
Sep 20, 2005
i would suggest not going longer than a month without discussing it, if they are friends, just mention how well your business is doing and share those wonderful stories with them in an unconspicuous way...just graze the subject. you can also just make sure you keep them updated on the recruiting bonuses. Maybe even have them book shows now, then at the show let them see how many bookings they could have just to get their business started. maybe even have them visit here to answer any questions they may have and to get all the support they need. I hope this helps, I have not had experience in this situation yet, so these are just ideas and suggestions. Let us know what happens and keep us updated ;)


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
A good way to stay in contact is to have them on your list of people you send a newsletter to. If you don't do one, maybe just start out doing it for the people interested in the oppty. Or do something additional for them like sending or emailing them a recipe every once and awhile. It keeps your name in their head. Maybe invite them to a cluster meeting just to check it out. Tell them it's just a good way to see behind the scenes and you understand she's not looking to sign for awhile. And ask her if you could follow up with her in ______ months or whatever. And if she'd like you to keep her updated on any promotions or incentives. Usually people are open to that!

Good luck! :)