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Freezer Meals for Dummies


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Nov 6, 2007
Can anybody explain this Freezer Meal workshop thing to the uninitiated?

Shari in TX

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Aug 7, 2010
I'll try. About a year and a half ago, a consultant worked out a way to use PC tools and pantry items to help people make freezer meals. It was done in a similar fashion to Tastefully Simple and Wildtree, but with PC stuff. She started a FB page and some other people got into it too.

Early this year, another consultant started a different type of PC freezer meal workshop that took off like wildfire. There are now about 9000 consultants on her FB page. In addition to these two, there were other people who were teaching a variation on the PC Power Cooking Meals at their workshops.

The thing they all have in common is helping people use PC tools and pantry items to fill their freezers with delicious meals. The meals are healthier and less expensive than store-bought freezer meals or takeout.

Eventually HO caught wind of all these workshops that were talking place and they are putting together their own version. From what I understand, they'll be putting documentation on CC in about a week. They will have 3 menus of 7 recipes each. There will be recipes, cooking instructions as well as instructions to the consultants about how to successfully market and hold this kind of show and still get sales and bookings.

As I understand it, the basic premise of the HO version is this:

Invite people to either host a workshop or attend one in your home. All attendees with purchase a package of pantry items put together by HO that will make 7 meals with some pantry items left over. These packages will be ordered enough in advance for the customers to use them at the workshop. The packages will be between $60-75 so just 3-4 people ordering will make a show. If you're the host, you can use the host free/discounted product yourself. If you have a host, she can get a discount on her own pantry package by ordering it with the host discounts. If you have 8-10 people, that's a $500-$600 show which means the host can get quite a bit of free/discounted stuff on that show.

At the workshop, you will set up stations for each meal and provide tools for putting together each meal. The HO documentation will have a list of tools for each station. Customers will bring their groceries (you'll provide them a shopping list before the workshop) and use those and their pantry pack to make the recipes at each station. After everyone is done making their meals, they'll eat and shop and order and then take their meals home and put them in their freezers. This will be a second show for the host so she will get the host special and free/discounted items from this show as well.

Like any other type of PC show, you're going to tailor it to fit your strengths. The workshops I've been doing until now, I've only done 5 meals. Others have been doing 10 meals. The PC ones are 7 meals.

The nice part about the PC ones is they are going to provide all the materials necessary including, I think, a show outline. You just print off what you need and go. Also, they've tested all the recipes in the test kitchen so theoretically, they're all going to work well and taste good.

I don't know if that actually is a simplified answer or not. I think from the little bit that my director has shared with my team, a lot of us are going to want to give the PC version of Freezer Meal Workshops a shot. It's not going to be for all Consultants or all customers, but those who like it are going to really like the way they've set it up, I think.

I don't know everything about the workshops and mostly just know how I've been doing them, but if you have follow-up questions or something I said wasn't clear, I'm happy to answer what I can. Mostly, I'm just waiting for PC to put the information on CC so I know for sure what they're doing.

Shari in TX


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Feb 2, 2005
I did a version of this for another company years ago as a host. I loved it. Their products were seasonings. I invited guests...I bought the ingredients...the meals were made for me...guests ordered the seasonings to make the meals at home. These were crockpot meals and they were super easy and delicious. I think the groceries I purchased were chicken, rotel, chicken broth, and cream of chicken soup. The consultant showed us how to make 5 different meals for our freezer.

I approached HO at that time and asked how we could implement this idea because it was great for my area. They said because this was not tested by their kitchens they wouldn't recommend it. Who knew years later they would decide it was a good idea...lol

I want to love our version of this, but in my area the economy is shot and I don't see my guests having the money to purchase seasonings up front, then groceries and then have money left to buy products. What I am very worried about is that yes, they will buy seasonings and ingredients but no products at the show...then they will book their shows and I will be run ragged as the consultant who helps them have girl parties and make meals for their family...and make no money. I have been in groups that want to have shows so they can talk and have fun and they take turns hosting a show, but they don't purchase.

I'm going to give it a try because I think it is a great idea...but I have serious doubts. And yes, I know that I shouldn't worry so much about this up front. You never know till you try.


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Dec 6, 2005
We talked about this at our team meeting last night. The HO has put together instructions that look like they'll make this as easy as possible. It won't be for everyone in every area. But, it's something to try.