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Free Product Value ????

Dec 15, 2005
Hi there,

Could someone please give me some help with my Pampered Partner program. When I enter a $210.00 commissionable sales home show it automatically shows me that they have $15.00 credit plus a $30.00 Hospitality Credit total $45.00 free products but I know that this is not correct it should only be $30.00 right???? What have I done wrong and how do I change my pp program to the correct amounts.

Thanks you this is my first order.



Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
PP update

You MUST update to get the newest specials. You can do this through either PP or CC. Through PP just click Update and then download the program update and that's it. PP will lead you through the steps. I've not done it from CC, but I'd say that if you click on the Download Center tab and it should be easy to find.

Each month you will need to click on Update and Download Product List so you can update the product list with the new Specials.


Nov 8, 2005
Sounds right...

Marion, What you describe sounds right. Your Pampered Partner is set up correctly for January. Remember that in January, hosts get 1 1/2 times free product value.

So normally, for a $200 show, they get $30 free product, but in January, they get $45 of free product!

Next month, you'll need to download both the program and product updates to revert back to the normal free product value and to update the Feb host and guest specials.