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Free product coupons ???

Mar 5, 2006
Hi PC Consultants...
I have a question, I was browsing through the Consultant files that we can see different ideas etc. I came upon this one , a Consultant made a coupon for free products for hosting a show, or I have seen others, free product for buying "x'' amount of dollars. In this one it is the Three Teir Stand w/SI Bowls and Squares. My question is where do they get the free product from, is it something they have and do not want and are giving it away? Or is there something I haven't heard of yet ? Anyone have any thoughts on this...
Thank you, Marilyn:confused:


Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
Well I think the one you are talking about with the SA bowls and stand is one they made up to make the special for signing up as a consultant more enticing, I saw one made up for the new Executive cookware for that special last month also. Other than that if they are offering someting for hosting a show for free then they are paying for it or they have it extra, just something to get more bookings.