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Free kitchen show recipes


Jun 5, 2005
I did a garage sale today and put a draw box for a gift certificate and 5 free kitchen shows. Had 15 people put in for the draw and got 7 maybe to have a show. I was going to call everyone and tell them they'd won the free kitchen show(except one for the $15 certificate) and was wanting to do one that is not too expensive and uses alot of tools. Do any of you have any suggestions on which recipes would be good to do? I've only done 2 kitchen shows so far and want to get more bookings from them so I want to do something that will make others want to have a show too. Thanks.


cheap and easy

This is good to show lots of tools, and it's not costly

-Bake a pizza crust or focaccia bread on the LG ROUND STONE
-mix a dip together (sour cream mayo) add ITALIAN SEASONING in the CLASSIC BATTER BOWL using SM MIX AND SCRAPER.
-press garlic into dip with GARLIC PRESS, stir in.
-Spread dip on crust
-chop broccoli with FOOD CHOPPER, toss onto crust
-cut a carrot with the CRINKLE CUTTER, toss onto crust
-dice a red pepper with the UTILITY KNIFE, add to the pizza
-use the EGG SLICER to slice pitted whole olives, add to pizza
-use the DELUXE CHEESE GRATER to grate parm chees on the pizza
-Slice with the PIZZA CUTTER

That's 12 products!
I like this also beacuse I can bake the crust at the host's house before the party,& the house smells great. It assembles fast and then you can serve, you don't have to wait for it to bake during the show!