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Pampered Chef: Free Advertisement

  1. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    Hi Everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we consultants have once again received some free advertising. The June 2005 issue of "all you" has a short feature on home based businesses. The article is found on pages 77 and 78. The title is "I support my family selling products from home!"

    The article centers on Gina Raimondi who is a TupperWare consultant and there is a short piece on Kathy Yellets (Bartlesville Oklahoma) who is a Pampered Chef executive director. To the side of the article is a list of direct-sales coompanies. They have listed Longaberger, The Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Southern Living at Home and PartyLite with each ones HO website. There is also a piece on pyramid schemes. In this piece they tell you not to spend more than $75.00 on your sales kit and entrance fee combined. We are a little above that, but they gave us some nice advertising.

    I purchased my copy of "all you" at Wal Mart. It only costs $1.47.

    I like to keep these articles in my bag with my catalogs to show people what a great company we have.

    Shawnna Nixon
    Jun 2, 2005
  2. Chef Becca

    Chef Becca Novice Member


    thanks for the info on the article - I've never heard of that magazine but I'll look for it. Ya know, technically we are under that $75 mark. By hosting first you can get the kit for $70 or $50. That could be a great selling point for the opportunity because when it says you shouldn't spend more than $75 you can immediately respond to the fact that our hosts don't! :D
    Jun 2, 2005
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