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Franklin Covey Planner


Novice Member
Feb 20, 2006
I know that this planner specifically designed for PC consultants is now available - and most people are giving it rave reviews. My question is do they sell the same paperwork separately if you already have a planner you can use? And, if they do sell just the paperwork or "guts" of the planner, do they offer it in smaller sizes? I attended the Franklin Covey "7 Steps to Highly Effective People" seminar a few years back for my job and still have the planner. I would love to use the PC papers but don't really need the planner.

If the smaller papers are not available, who do I call to make that a suggestion?

Thanks everyone,



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Jan 19, 2006

You can purchase the planner without the outside binder. But, the planner is on a spiral, not hole-punched.

I purchased the planner without the embossed cover and took it to a printer to have it three-hole punched. Then pulled out the spiral and put it into a 3-ring planner I'd been using.

They don't offer it in a smaller size.

Hope this helps!
Jan 24, 2006

I really like my planner, however, I don't care much for the 3 hole paper in the back of the planner. It is great if you need one page but if you are taking mulitple pages of notes or want to flip it over the paper comes off the spine and since the planner is spiral bound there is no way to attach the paper in the binder. I think this is something they need to fix for next year. Does anyone have any ideas how I can put paper in there and keep it? I know there are a lot of creative minds out there.


Mar 27, 2005
The only complaint I have about the planner is that there is no place to put papers. For example I use to keep my cluster meeting papers and a few other papers in the pockets on the old calendars. I miss that on this one and I can't seem to find any folders that work with the spiral holder. So since my "Notes" pad fell apart. The paper came off from the cardboard back, I taped a folder onto that for my paperwork that I like to carry with me.


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Feb 24, 2006
is the refill a spiral too?? it doesn't appear to be on the order site. I am glad I found that out before I ordered it! LOL

I too wish it came in different sizes. I don't do the monarch.