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FR for military during HWC

Mar 9, 2006
So my DH wants to do a quarterly fundraiser of PC and its during HWC. Do the orders that come in ordering the guest HWC products still get donated to HWC? Since his group is getting the 15% (or so), and Im getting 15%, does the $ for HWC products still get donated to HWC? I just want to make sure before I open my mouth and try to add another incentive. thanx!


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
I am not 100% sure but I wouldn't see why the money wouldn't go to HWC for the pink items. Nothing ever said on the flyer that the $1 donation wouldn't apply to other fundraisers. Sorry I can't give you a concrete answer but I am fairly sure you still get the money for HWC.

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


Dec 14, 2005
$1 from each of the items goes to HWC no matter how its purchased (indiv. order, f/r, Cooking Show) Heck $1 from our sample HWC products goes to the cause.


Gold Member
Nov 17, 2005
I'm planning a FR for my kid's preschool during HWC. I think it's an awesome time to do it because customers can "give" more for their dollar. If they're looking for something to buy "just to help", then the HWC items are perfect. Not only does a dollar of their purchase go to breast cancer programs, but 10-15% of their purchase goes to the organization of the FR! It's a win/win situation in my way of thinking. :D