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For those of you who make your own gift certificates...


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Jan 1, 2006
Have you ever had people NOT redeem them? I'm just curious.

I've sold plenty of PC Gift Certificates, but I'm annoyed by the fact that there isn't much space for the recipients name as well as the 60-character maximum for the message. My brother just bought a gift certificate for a wedding gift and he wanted to put the bride AND groom's name on it. Of course it doesn't fit! Then he wanted to write a TWO sentence message and sign his name. DIDN'T FIT. It's very annoying. I did make these suggestions to HO. (Maybe they could make the font smaller for more space??)

Anyway, I haven't gone the route of making my own because I like to receive the commission ASAP and not wait until the recipient redeems it. (SO for this month, I know I have my sale for the Sell-A-Thon!)

Thanks for letting me vent!


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Jul 29, 2005
Cat the plus to making your own certificates, if someone purchases a certificate from you, you get the $ up front, then when the recipient orders, you get the commission on the order.

If you use PC certs, you only get commission on the price of the cert - and the recipient must order directly from PC. If they place a $300 order, you do not get commission on any amount over the original cert price.

I hope this makes sense.


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Apr 11, 2005
I make my own ever yso often...and yes, I have had people not redeem them.


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Mar 12, 2006
Another down side is that you don't get the referral. If someone buys a GC for a person who doesn't know you, you have no way to get in touch with that person to talk about the products - you don't even know if/when they redeem it and for what!!!