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Pampered Chef: For sale 3-2-1 Charms from '07 conference

  1. I have these very charming purse, or tote charms from conference. They are a converstation starter. The little charms include the 3-2-1, a suitcase, live your dreams, the PC chefs hat, and the dcb.
    You can also clip them on your key ring. I would like $7.50 which includes shipping. Please PM Me, do not post on here. Thanks!

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  2. bumping.... anyone interested? These charms need a new home to someone who is really working their business.
  3. bumping , 2 people were interested and never heard back from them. The charms are still available.
  4. bumping .. both who wre interested are not responding. Anyone interested in these cute confersation starters?
    Jul 29, 2009
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