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Sales For individual orders - is there any way around the shipping charges


Oct 16, 2005
For individual orders - is there any way around the shipping charges for direct shipping? Orders over $85 is like $14.50 in shipping - seems insane.


I used to think the same thing

until I realized that anywhere you order online, you pay for shipping. Some companies are much more than others. You're probably thinking that $14 is much more $3.50 but when they charge shipping, it's for each person. It just seems like a lot when one person is paying for it.


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Apr 13, 2004
I know too that it sounds bad.

But, if you concider that it is still cheaper than mailing it or delivering it via Fed Ex or DHL, they get a bargin. And you gotta remember, they can not get it in a store so... If it is something they really want, they will pay it. Or you could take an expense on it. All of it, half of it, all but the $3.50 whatever. I usually do pick up part of the cost up to about 25%. This way I may get them back as a customer. $85 commission is $17 at 20%. give them $7.00.