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Fondue kitchen show

Nov 13, 2005
I have a question about a fondue "sip and dip" I saw posted around here somewhere. Does PC have a fondue pot? How would one make the fondue? I found an example that lists what types of fondue could be made for this sip and dip but no directions on how to make them. This sounds like a wonderful idea for a kitchen show but I have no experience with fondue. How does this fit into the PC kitchen show, I wonder. I can't find a fondue set anywhere on PC but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

Thanks for any help!


Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
Well it's because they discontinued the fondue accessories with this season's fall/winter catalog. There used to be a riser that would fit on the Simple Additions Hospitality stand and you would use a small? SA bowl to sit on it and it came with a petite square to sit your candle in to keep it warm.