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Follow-up to an Advertisment

Jan 8, 2005
Follow-up to an Advertisment?

hey everyone!

I have 5 recruits, 4 that are active, and I really want to promote! I am considering running an ad in our local papers.

When potentials call, what is important to say, not say, and ask initially on the phone, and what sort of follow-up do you reccomend? A mailing? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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Feb 3, 2005
Sandy...CONGRATS on being so close to directorship! Maybe we will promote together at conference!

If you are going to do an ad, I would just treat it as if you had met them at a show and were passing out info. I would give them an information packet to look at and then set up an appointment to meet with them afterwards.

Good luck...let us know how it goes!
Mar 23, 2005
What do you give your recruit leads?

I am doing this VERY VERY part time, I have 2 other jobs and 2 children under 2 (3 if you count my husband lol) :) And I have set a goal that this month I am going to recruit my first recruit. I want to take a step and do this more part time to full time. I would like to stay at home with my kids more. Anyway, does anyone anything in particular you give to your recruit leads? What do you put in your recruiting packet? i'm very nervous, I'm going to say something wrong and scare someone off... I often stick my foot in my mouth.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Information packets

I fashion mine similar to my host packets. I use a paper folder with two pockets and brads in the middle. I slip the informaiton into clear sheet protectors and secure them with the brads.

I put in a letter (sometimes unique to them, but sometimes a standard), the current recruiting special, recruiting testimonials from the Newsletter and a new catalog. I try not to put too much in there, but I go over it all with them. I try to put enough in there to satisfy hubby if he is not at the meeting. And I LOVE the Rewards booklet because it spells out nicely the rate of pay and benefits of each level of Directorship.

I haven't tried attaching anything before, but I will try now for you. Feel special LOL :D

I can't find the testimonials from the Newsletter, but you can find them from Consultants corner. I think it was Oct or Nov 2004. I used the one with a guy (to help recruit males) and the one from a women with 6 kids and sometimes I'll use the one from the woman with a full-time job. Because sometimes I don't know what to say to people who already work a full-time job. I feel like I cannot relate so I put that in there just in case.

I don't put all of these flyers in each packet but I put at least 2 in there.

Hope this helps you. I'm interested in seeing what everyone else does.


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