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Pampered Chef: Flyer/Poster/Ideas for assisted living show

  1. Hi all! I am going to an assisted living home where they have asked me to set up what sounds like more or less a booth. They have someone come in to the home once a month and just have a display up for a few hours for the residents, their families and employees to browse/buy. They have told me that I could put posters up around the facility but I'm not really sure what to put on something like that. Does anyone have any ideas or know of something that I could use or alter that's already out there? Also does anyone have any ideas of things I could bring with me or do there for a demo or anything? I have only done 2 shows so far and I have never been to anything like this so I'm not really sure what I can do besides just set up and let people look. So since I'm not creative I thought I would call on all the creative minds I see around here! Thanks for you help in advance.
    Mar 2, 2006
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