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First show :)

Aug 23, 2005
Hi everyone! I realized i never posted how i did for my first show. I had about 8 people come and i had $518 in commisionable sales..alot better than i expected for my first show. I am still trying to get more shows as i did get only one booking but its not until jan.

I am gonna sign up for my website either tonight or tomorrow :)

This site is great i get so many great ideas thank you!


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Jul 29, 2005
Way to go!

Great first show. My first show was a disaster from the moment I arrived. My host - my best friend - had been to walmart that morning and purchased a smoothie maker. She is chatty anyway and onces everything was underway and all the guests had arrived she offered her guests smoothies. Except she overfilled the pitcher so it would not blend. Needless to say, the focus was on the chaos associated with smoothie making and not me. I just barely scraped by at $200, but I did get a couple of bookings - her mother and sister. At both shows I was very agressive in let my friend know when she was chatting too much!

Again, awesome job on your first show Nicole!