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First show was a SUCCESS!!!


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Oct 9, 2005
Well, my first show was last night. It was an open house at my house for me. I'll give you all of the stats first and then tell you more aout the show. So, last nights total commissionable sales was $649, with a few outside orders still floating around. Not too shabby. I have 6 outside orders so far and 10 people showed up to the party. I got 2 catalog shows booked last night and 2 kitchen shows. The one kitchen show I already knew about before last night, but I'm counting that one anyway. So anyway, I found out yesterday that my husband's cousin Mandy (who came to the show and brought her mom also) used to sell PC herself. This made me feel a little intimidated since it was my first show, but she is so sweet and I told her to chime in on anything she wanted to and that I would take it as positive criticism. So she did and I learned a thing or two from her. She said after the show that she learned some stuff from me too. And, get this, she also said that she has a ton of PC products and that I can borrow anything I want for future shows. That's awesome. Someday I hope to have the collection that she has, but for now borrowing will work for me. Also, several people from my mom's work stated that they wanted to order something, but they don't get paid until the coming Friday, so I'm thinking of leaving my show open until then or just making her office be a seperate catalog show. And let me tell you, her office is huge. There are 17 family practice doctors there and each one of them has at least 2 nurses and then all of the receptionists and billing people. It's pretty big. I should be able to do well there. Also, Mandy (husband's cousin I was talking about above) said that i am the only PC consultant in our church. We have about 350 members there and she was rambling off a whole list of people that had done kitchen shows through her and people that were always placing orders. She said that they'd all be thrilled to have such easy access to a consultant again. I'm so excited! Sorry I'm going on, and on, but I can't help myself.... ;)


Sep 24, 2005

I am so happy for you! My first show was like that too, I have a friend who is the "Queen" of Pampered Chef and told me she learned something from my show too. Its such a confidence booster! Plus, the way I look at it, they were my toughest audience because they know me, they wouldn't let me live down any mistakes and I can't make examples of them, if they are sitting right there (my mom's difficulty with the measure all cup, my husband putting soap on the stoneware, my friend being OBSESSED with Simple Additions, etc)
SO good for you, you are half way towards your SS 1 products which are all great by the way!


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Oct 11, 2005
Congratulations! You are ON YOUR WAY!!!