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First show - need HELP


Novice Member
Apr 22, 2005
I have my first kitchen show next Saturday! She wants it at 11am! What should I make? Is it too early to have a dessert (not for me :D , but what about the guests)? She was thinking of a brunch - like an egg bake type thing. I think that would be a bit much for my first show. Any suggestions? :confused:

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
brunch recipes

I got these recipes for this site. Hopefully they will give you some ideas.


  • brunchrecipes.doc
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Jan 21, 2005

Keep it simple!

Do a braid or ring or vege pizza. Those make great brunch ideas or do the mini cinnamon rolls in whatever stone you have. Check out the recipe titles on the PC website and if you don't have the recipe I bet someone will share! ;)

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Season's Best

In your Season's Best Spring 2005 there is a recipe for Ham and Eggs brunch braid. It is delicious, slightly tedious, but shows quite a bit of products. You may not have any of our cookware yet, but that is okay. Borrow the hosts skillet to scramble the egg and talk about our Professional cookware and how you can earn one as a Super Starter. Do as much prep beforehand as possible, but this recipe is great. I have done it several times.

11am is a good show time. Encourage her to make it a good event for her guests. If she is comfortable with supplying more things like a fruit tray and muffins (store bought) it will be a better spread and take the pressure off of you. Depending on your host and her friends she may want to serve Mimosas (the alcohol helps eliviate the tension -- the guests).

I started doing brunch shows quite often since Feb and love them. People seem to like the fact that the day is still young.


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May 6, 2005
Ham and Eggs Brunch Braid

This is very yummy! And the guests will be in awe about how you can make this look so neat. I'd practice it first since the braiding technique may take a couple tries to make it look really nice. I was afraid the bake time was too much since it was getting REALLY brown in the oven, but you really want it nice and brown on the oustide. Then you know the whole crescent roll has baked. It's such a fun brunch recipe. I'm hoping to get some brunch shows coming up or a "breakfast for dinner" theme.