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First Show - 1 day or 2?


Aug 9, 2005
Hi everyone

I was looking at the First show flyer and it has 2 dates.
For those who have done it on 2 days do you think it was worth it?
Could more people come because of the 2 days?

I'm trying to get my invotes done and out tonight or tomorrow so I really should decide if I'm just doing Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.

If you did it for 2 days - do you count them as 2 shows??



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May 6, 2005
I think it's nice to offer people two different days to accomodate schedules. But, sometimes Open Houses can be kind of disappointing if not lots of people show up. You just never know. I guess the risk you run of doing it over two days is not having turnout you were hoping for and putting ALL that work into it. I guess it's worth a shot and if you can save leftovers from the first one, then you aren't out as much expense.

If you get enough orders to count them as two shows, you can do that. Combining them as one may be better because your show total will be higher and you'll get more benefits. The great thing about this is it's YOUR business so you can do whatever you'd like! If you're trying to qualify by having the four shows, then maybe splitting it into two shows would get you halfway there!

Good luck!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005

I have a 2 day party starting tonight. On the recommendation of my Director I am having it on 2 days. Her is what swayed me on it: If you have it Friday night some people may be too tired from the work week to attend or whatever. If you just host it on the afternoon on Sunday then some people can't come because of church that may dismiss later and family time. If you host it on a Saturday mid-morning/afternoon then it is the kid's soccer game or whatever.

I am having mine tonight at 6:30pm and Sunday at 1pm. I have more people telling me that Sunday works best for them, but several that say tonight is better because Sunday is family day.

I am not sure what to expect. If you have the time I say do 2 days. Just don't go overboard. Keep it simple and duplicatible.