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First Recruit

Sep 6, 2005
I just signed my first recruit today! Does anyone know if there is anything else I am supposed to do after I submit the online agreement? Her first Super Starter Month isn't until June so I'm not sure she'll get her kit right away. Do they send me any kind of confirmation or anything once they receive and process her Consultant Agreement or am I pretty much out of the loop at this point?


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May 6, 2005
You'll get an email confirming that she signed and in a few days you'll receive a copy of the email they send her with her new consultant number in it. Congratulations!!!! If she picked her first month as June, they won't ship out her kit until May 1st. BUT if she has anyone wanting to do catalog shows NOW, you can supply her with some catalogs and whatever you'd put in a host packet so she can get started with a show. She can submit it starting in May. That's great! Good luck!!!:D
Nov 27, 2005
Does a consultant make commission on the sales the recruit makes? I am signing my first recruit today and didn't know how that part works.


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Mar 12, 2006
Once you are a Future Director (two signed consultants) you can make a commission override on your recruits' sales. You have to sell $1250 each month in order to qualify for that commission.