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First of the month bookings


Feb 1, 2006
April will be superstarter month 3 for me and because of 2 parties that had to be rescheduled I am desperate! To earn the extra bonus products I really need to "pack" the first couple of weeks in April. I have a show tomorrow and I am going to go canvas my neighborhood.

Any good tips to encourage people to book parties in those first two weeks of April without letting them know I am desperate???



Mar 27, 2005
How about offering an incentive. Like host a show before April 15th and get an extra $10 free or a cookbook of your choice for free. I have used these before and had a few takers. I make up a coupon (Which I got off of this site) and change it to what I want. I make the coupon for Cooking, Catalog, Express, or Lunch shows. I then put one in every folder and tell everyone if they don't want to use it but know someone who might, to take it with them and pass it on. Referrals are always great!!

Remember when you do have someone interested in booking a show. Don't ask them when it would work for them. Ask them "Would you like the 12th or the 8th?" They are more likely to set a date then and they will also be scheduling the show according to what your schedule is. I also say the date I really want them to book last. People often pick the last date that they hear.