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Pampered Chef: Bookings First month success

  1. Sooner PC

    Sooner PC Member

    I tried to sell PC about 6 years ago. It was a total disaster. Besides the fact I had a 6 year old, drove 60 miles round trip to work each day and hosting exchange students, I had a director that never called or helped me whatsoever.

    I signed back up to sell PC in August. I was lured back in after hosting a show and receiving the letter telling me how much I would have made had I actually sold the product.

    I called the PC lady who hosted my show and said "sign me up" She is absolutely WONDERFUL. She calls me and emails me almost everyday. She is excited over the little things as well as the big things - like closing an $800 show.

    I hosted 5 shows my first month for $1967.00. I have 2 shows in October - 1 was the $800 show. I have 7 shows for November. This is going so much better than last time that I am glad I gave it a shot.

    I am doing the happy dance every afternoon getting a package delivered to my house everyday. I just love free stuff and I am having a blast. I hope it keeps going this well.

    Shannon Overstreet
    Independent Kitchen Consultant
    Oct 11, 2005
  2. tlmcunning

    tlmcunning Member

    Welcome Back to PC. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on a wonderful start. You are off to a great start, I think that this time around it will all work out for you.

    Oct 11, 2005
  3. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    That is so cool! I'm so glad you came back to give it another try. Good for you for taking the plunge again. It sounds like you're enjoying it so much more this time...and your excitement is great! It's contagious!! :)
    Oct 11, 2005
  4. Sk8Mom209

    Sk8Mom209 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Welcome back


    Welcome back to PC and congratulations on a FANTASTIC start!
    Oct 12, 2005
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