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First Kitchen show is Tuesday


Dec 14, 2005
and I am getting nervous. Did you make an outline of what you wanted to say? Practiced in front of your kids? Fly by the seat of your pants? I guess when I've been so busy booking shows that I haven't let myself think about the prospect of talking and cooking in front of everyone :rolleyes:


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Jul 7, 2005

As much as you can, relax! If you have the opportunity, read Doris's book - she too, was nervous heading off on October 15, 1985. Not so nervous, today!

Some thoughts to remember: you are not there "to sell stuff"! You are there to share cooking tools and techniques. Encourage your guests to relax, and not feel compelled to buy. (bigger groups make this easier). Of course, if they see something they like, you can help them with it - cash, check, debit or credit with Visa, Amex, Discover or Mastercard ;) And in this relaxed atmosphere, guests who can will actually spend more.

Only you "knows what a show is supposed to be like" :eek: - as long as your guests are having fun and asking questions, things are fine. Encourage them to try some of the tools - food chopper, crinkle cutter, silicone scraper, batter bowl. People who come up to try, are perfect candidates for a recruiting brochure as they go. Be sure to follow up within 24 hours. I SO regret the times I didn't!

Be honest with your guests - tell them they are your "ginea pigs" and that if they do choose to host for you, then Pampered Chef will include some special thank you's to the hosts of a brand new consultant in their Super Starter months.

Work with your director, and truly plan out how to get at least some of the Super Starter products. My director and I didn't really do this, and I wish we had--that wish will be a GREAT motivator for me to do so, for my recruits. (I owned many PC products already, but I wish I had more--duplicates make great gifts!) :rolleyes:

Finally, have fun! Joke around. Tell people that are sitting close to you, that you and Shamu the Whale at Seaworld have something in common - you both have a splash zone, and if they are there, they are likely to get wet! I'll post "ways to add humor to your kitchen show" - which I got from someone else.

Post back here and tell us all how it went. Remember to tell everyone why you chose to begin with TPC, and why now is such a GREAT time to start - Panorama Exec.Cookware Skillet for FREE!

PS I also included 2 on Bookings and 1 on Host Coaching - all good skills to master early on! Good Luck!


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Feb 14, 2005
Love the adding humour to your shows! I printed it off and will be studying this week for my next show. Thanks!


Nov 12, 2005
Scott is so true, nobody else knows what you are really supposed to say. I let everyone know at my first show, it was my first show and they were my guinea pigs. Everyone laughed and were comfortable. I had a cheat sheet with me with key items on it: stoneware (benefits, how to clean, how to season, why it cooks so well); cookware (benefits, stovetop to oven) etc...
I did practice my routine out loud to myself a few times.
Did I forget to mention some things at the show, yes but who knew, just myself. Go there and have a blast. After this one, they will all be a breeze. Let us know how you make out. If you can, watch the video that demonstates how to do a kitchen show, it also helps.

Good Luck!!!! :)
Jan 6, 2006
Ahh I'm so bummed! I can't get any of those attachments that Scott is putting on! Don't know why????

Christa, just share your enthusiasm for the kitchen tools, using your personality, like they said, relax, if you make a mistake, be sure to tell them you're not a chef, just a pampered one.
It also helps the prospective recruits think, "shoot, if she can do this, I sure can!" That's a good thing!



I did my first kitchen show the other night and it was a blast. I forgot to say tons of stuff, but just relaxed and had a good time with everyone. I focused more on connecting with people and helping them enjoy themselves. I did make up an outline, using the little cards from the recipe for success book. Frankly, I think a single 'cheat sheet' would work better for me. I forgot to turn my pages! Even though I forgot a lot of things (including some of the recipe, LOL) I know everyone had fun. And the party was a huge success. (Over 1300 in sales. It was a big party!)


Gina M

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Jan 13, 2006
Good luck!

Just wanted to wish you good luck - I had my first show back in September and even if you've prepared a wonderful stack of note cards or outline - you will forget to tell them something major anyhow!! And that's okay, because they won't know it! My first show I only knew the host and everyone else was brand new to me but I let them know it was my first show and everyone was very nice to me. Plus I got over $800 in sales so I was psyched! Just relax and have fun and know that even if you flub something - it only shows that you're human just like everyone else!!
:) Gina Miller
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