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First Fundraiser need help


Novice Member
Jul 20, 2005
This is going to be my first fundraiser and I have soo many questions. I really hope that you guys can help me.
First what percent does the company get for each item sold?
Secondly how much commission will I make? Not that I care but just wondering. I might donate some of my commission.
Do they make the checks to me or to cash?
When will the check be donated to their charity? I believe this lady is doing a fundraiser for a library.
Does the person holding the fundraiser get anything for free or the host special?
I'm not sure what other questions to ask. She is planning on having this party in May, which will be great because some of the sales will also go to the american cancer society.
Thanks so much in advance for any and all of your help.
Thanks :)
Feb 4, 2006
A couple answers for ya :)

The organization gets 15% of the commissionable sales. You also get 15%. Your commission check will go to you (do you have the direct deposit?) and their organization check will get sent to the host. My director told me that most of the time, the organization check is there within 5 days but our materials all say 10-14 days because they have to cover themselves. Same is true of product. We tell people they will SHIP in 7-10 days but generally people GET it in less than that. The chairperson can get the host special.

Congrats for getting your first fundraiser. Hope it goes well for ya :)


Novice Member
Nov 29, 2005
Host gets Monthly Special when hosting a Fundraiser??

I just closed a Fundraiser Show (Personal -raise fund for her trip to Wash. D.C.) but turned out to be very disappointing. :( Her total guest sale is $151.02 and I presumed she don't earn enough to get the Monthly Host Special 60% off. The P/Partner will not let me place the Monthly Host Special (not highlighted on the Add Host Order). Is that because it is to low in sale? What is the minimum sales for the Host to entitle the Host Special? So, she only recieve 10% since she did not made to $600 in guest total, right?

I going to have another Fundraiser (Church) next month and I hope to do better than this. This host had rescheduled her show several times since beginning of March till now. I was hoping that she would bring in more sales since I gave her more time. While sometime people just not too enthuse in selling, I guess.