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First Cancellation

Carol Waggoner

Novice Member
Gold Member
May 4, 2005
I had my first cancellation today for Friday's show due to personal reasons- she doesn't want to reschedule at all at this time. I'm bummed- well, I still have 2 shows, an Mystery Host Open House and a catalog show this month, so hopefully I can pull in my sales for SS2 (I made SS1) so I want to keep a trend. Any words of wisdom?


Jan 31, 2005
Hi Carol,

I am in my SSM2 as well. I am doing a fundraiser for HWC this month along with 3 other shows. It's a catalog show, but I am really trying to highlight the exclusive HWC products and the benefits of the HWC campaign. I really believe people like to help great causes and this is one of them! I would ask friends and family to help out - maybe have a few of them take some catalogs and order forms to work with them. Just have a deadline of when all order forms and payments should be turned in by. I think this would help boost your sales for your SSM2 and create more bookings. PC will donate an additional $3 per booking from the fundraiser! Every little bit counts! I hope this helped stir up some ideas. Good Luck!



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Carol...cancellations happen to all of us. Hopefully they reschedule, but when they don't just move on. I will often schedule a cancelled show on a day I would not normally do a show, but am open. That way, if they cancel again I have not lost out on a show date.

Try pulling in a show from elsewhere...whether it is a catalog show or a kitchen show or an open house. Go back to your list of 100.