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Pampered Chef: Booths First booth questions ???

  1. PamperedSD

    PamperedSD Member

    I have my first booth this weekend. It is a multi vendor / fundraiser at a BMX Bike track. I have to donate a $20 silent auction basket and bring my own table - no other fees.

    I made a few grab bags up to sell for $5.00 and or give for free with any show booked. I also made a few hand outs with the Cranberry Crunch bark recipe. I plan on making a double batch to hand out samples and make up a few as gifts in treat bags with ribbon (as show on CC). Question - can I sell these already made up as gifts??

    I also took some of the great ideas from here and I'm making up a few gift ideas with products I already have. Does anyone offer to make the gifts to order if someone asks? For example I plan to make a few ideas up with the prep bowls - if someone wanted the actual gift (min cakes or filled with candy) would you sell the ones you have or offer to make them up if they order and pay for the products + supplies??

    THANKS :confused:
    Nov 19, 2009
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