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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Fiesta Games

  1. krzymomof4

    krzymomof4 Veteran Member Silver Member

    I am having my first fiesta show on Sunday. I have the menu picked out, but was wondering if there are any games for this floating around. I have done the left right game to death and I have made up my own word scramble and name that slogan game, but they don't seem to fit this one.
    Than ks
    Nov 7, 2005
  2. MSmith

    MSmith Member

    I brought a maraca at my last fiesta show....everytime I said the words "pampered chef" they had to shake it and move it to the next person. Last person holding it got to pick a prize from my goodie bag. It was fun!
    Nov 8, 2005
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  3. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Mexican Theme

    What a shakin' idea! I have a Margarita's & Mexico Fiesta show planned on the 19th. I think I'll go buy some more maracas.
    Sad, I had a yard sale this summer. Brand new looking, hot pink, for 50 cents (if I recall), and my maracas didn't sell. I passed them on to a church in the area that was doing a rummage sale the following month. Now, I wish I'd saved them.
    Nov 8, 2005
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