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Pampered Chef: Favorite Recipe For RCB

  1. keynibear

    keynibear Member

    What is your favorite recipe to make in the Round Covered Baker? I have a customer who has asked me for some recipes for her RCB. I've selected several, and I've told her that she can use any DCB recipe, just to cut the ingredients in half.

    As fellow consultants, I would like to know what is your favorite thing to make in the RCB.
    Thank you.
    Oct 9, 2013
  2. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    I love the Bruschetta Dip!!!
    Oct 9, 2013
  3. JanisF

    JanisF Member Gold Member

    This recipe isn't a PC recipe (I think PC has one that is similar to this though), but is a favourite for entertaining:

    Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

    1 cup of sour cream
    2 cups of grated cheese
    1 pkg of softened cream cheese
    2 chicken breasts cooked and diced
    1 cup of Frank's Red Hot

    Kitchen Tools:
    2236 - Mini Measure-All® Cup or 2225 - Measure All® Cup
    1108 - Microplane® Adjustable Coarse Grater
    2175 - Easy Read Measuring Cups
    2685 - Mix 'N Masher
    2522 - Grill Pan Dinner Set
    2585 - Food Chopper
    1012 - Cutting Board (or one of the other fabulous cutting boards that PC offers, my favourite is 1005 - Reversible Bamboo Carving Board)
    1364 - Round Covered Baker
    2431 - Classic Batter Bowl
    1657 - Mix 'N Scraper
    1344 - Silicone Oven Mitt or 1329 - Oven Mitt
    2156 - Hot Pad/Trivet or 1587 - Stackable Cooling Rack

    Blend then bake in RCB for 20-25 minutes at 400 •C
    Oct 9, 2013
  4. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Thanks I'll have to try that one- looks delish!
    Oct 10, 2013
  5. keynibear

    keynibear Member

    I love the Buffalo Chicken Dip. YUMMY. I don't make it much, as my hubby doesn't like spicy, and that is a bit much for one person.
    Oct 10, 2013
  6. CookinWithLynda

    CookinWithLynda Member

    Try halving it and putting it in the Garlic & Brie Baker!
  7. JanisF

    JanisF Member Gold Member

    You could also use the leftover dip as a spread on a tortilla/pita, just add "salad", roll and voila! Lunch is served!
    Oct 12, 2013
  8. mspibb

    mspibb Member Gold Member

    We have a family recipe for what my friend calls "Dessert Corn" normally I make for a crowd in a 9x13. Made it for Christmas dinner in the RCB. Fill about 3/4 of the way with corn (I used part of a thawed bag of frozen) 3 tbs flour, 1/4 c sugar- stir add half and half to a little less than covering the corn. Dot 1/2 stick of butter on top bake 350 - 15 mins stir, another 15 mins stir. A 9x13 takes about an hour but it was less than that for this. Just bake until thick and bubbly. Was a nice size side for 5.people.
    Dec 27, 2013
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