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Fall Bookings


Apr 22, 2005
This past week I made a bunch of customer care calls and I think expressing your excitement for all the new products will get people interested in fall bookings. I spoke to one of my September hosts today and she is really excited about the specials. If you want a great Fall schedule, stress PC being perfect Christmas gifts. I think September is going to be great month for everyone, the stoneware promotion is awesome. I am so excited because this month and next month has been a lot of cancellations. Hoping for a great September, October, November, and December. PC is now going to be my Disney World vacation fund. My husband and I are taking our children in June of 2006. Wanted to share my excitement.

Debbie :D :D :D


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Way to go Debbie. September will be a fantastice month, IF we start now in promoting it. My goal is double book for September (a tip they stressed at conference). You may lose a few shows, but by double booking one month, you're certain to have a good following 3 months, which will carry you through the holidays.

I encourage everyone to try to double book one month and see how it changes your business! Who can vouch for that?

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
I'm there

My first super starter month was May of this year. So, in June of this year, I booked many more parties than I had hoped to have. With my cancellation, I was still able to hit $4000 in sales. I also got 19 parties booked for the fall from my June shows.....definately try overbooking!!
Jun 12, 2005
Right now I'm more booked than normal for September. Normally I do 3-4 shows a month, but after conference I decided to step it up! I have 6 shows for September, plus three shifts at our local street fair! I'm hoping to have a very good fall so we can have a great Christmas this year! I want to eventually always have 8-10 shows booked for the month! :cool:


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Jul 14, 2005
Book Book Book

I have been doing the same thing - I went inactive in June, which was a huge disappointment for me because I have been w/PC for 4 years. But since starting back up last month, I submitted a $400+ show to get active again, attended a hospitality meeting, listened in on a post Conference director's call w/ her cluster, and got the changeover kit, found THIS AWESOME SITE - and I have been ON FIRE !!
I have 7 kitchen shows and two (possibly three) catalog shows booked for AUGUST ! WOO HOO ! And this includes the fact that I will be out of town the 10-15th ! I would normally only book one show per week, but I am SO excited since soaking up so much info that I just want to keep up the momentum.
I know that what I do right now impacts my business over the next 90 days - so I want to "re-start" my business right. My goals are financially to pay off some credit card bills and build up our savings account, and for my business to promote to director. I am on my way, as I signed a new recruit last Tuesday and she should have her kit by THIS Tuesday. The awesome thing is, she already has FIVE shows booked and is just as (if not MORE excited than I am !) :D
I owe a lot of my enthusiasm to this site. Hearing from so many of YOU in the same situation as I am makes me realize that what I get out of this business is TENFOLD what I put in. I love it so much it never seems like work !

Thanks everyone -- I visit this site every single day for inspiration from all of you ! :)