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Fair and Craft shows

Apr 5, 2005
I'm new at this, and I'm interested in setting up at a fair or craft show. I didn't know how you get registered or anything like that...or even know the deadlines, etc. Have you all found that those are good venues for orders / one big show or not?


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
fairs and craft shows

I've found that fairs and craft shows can be hit or miss. You may get lots of leads and give away catalogs and have them turn into something....or not at all. It's worth a try, especially if you are just starting your business. I've done a lot of county fairs (where several clusters go in on it together because it can be expensive and we do shifts). Some leads may not really turn into anything until a ways down the line. Some not until a year later, but then if you have a really good show from that person then it's worth it! You just never know.

One thing is to be sure to be "aggressive" with people. Not really aggressive, but I guess more assertive. Really try to engage them in conversation if they walk by and look at you, but they don't stop. A great starting line is "Are you familiar with Pampered Chef?" Then engage them as much as you can. Smaller craft fairs are a bit easier to do this at. Also, I"ve only done drawings at smaller things. with the big fairs, you just get people who want to win free stuff and have NO interest in anything else. Also use OLD catalogs (if you have any) to give out. Then get their address to offer to send them a new one. Yes, you then pay postage to mail it, but lots of clusters get together to do bulk mailings to make them less expensive. This way, at least you get their contact info out of them instead of them walking away with your catalog and not doing anything about it. Then you can follow up with them after they receive the catalog.

It's hard at first, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you become. Hope that helps!


Apr 20, 2005
Trade Shows

I find as well that trade shows are great for generating leads for new shows, or for new future customers, or catalogue shows, but not so much for orders.

However, it depends on the type of show you do. If it is a craft sale/trade show, it will tend to do better for orders than a full blown trade show, as most people at a full blown trade show are there to look, enter draws for free stuff, or get info. Most people at a craft sale/show are looking to buy.

Hope that helps a bit....



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Feb 3, 2005
You can check with your local Chamber of Commerce. When events are going on this year, ask who the contact person is for the next year. Ask crafters at events what events are coming up and who you can contact.

If you want leads, this is the place to go. You are not going to get a lot of orders or even schedule shows, but you will get tons of leads.